Seamoss 200g


Potential Health benefits:

1. Seamoss is a natural aphrodisiac

2. Seamoss is great for the skin

3. Seamoss boosts energy

4. Seamoss supports iron levels

5. Seamoss supports healthy weight management

6. Seamoss helps to maintain a healthy thyroid and digestive system

7. Seamoss supports reproductive health

8. Seamoss is good for the respiratory system



Seamoss is a sea vegetable packed with 92 minerals out of the 102 that the body is made up of.

How to make your seamoss gel:

Soak your dried seamoss overnight for 6-8 hours.  Wash and rinse the place in your blender with warm filtered water.  Blend until it makes a smooth gel. Place in a sterilized glass jar and store in your fridge and consume within 7-10 days.  take 1 tbsp a day.

(Seamoss is flavorless so feel free to add to your favourite smoothie.  I like to blend mine with key limes and agave syrup)


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