Organic Mullein Leaf 200g


Potential Health Benefits:

1. Mullein is one of the greatest expectorants (removes) mucous and congestion

2. Mullein is used especially for Bronchial and lung conditions including Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema, Pneumonia & allergies

3. Mullein is a strong anti-inflammatory aiding in all types of inflammatory conditions

4. Mullein is a great herb for the Endocrine Glandular system, especially the Thyroid

5. Mullein is used to treat coughs and sore throats

6. Mullein has strong astringent properties

7. Mullein aids in the movement of the lymphatic system (the body’s sewer system)

8. Mullein helps reduce tumors and boils.

9. Mullein can be used as a healthy tobacco alternative



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How to make your mullein tea:

1 heaped tsp of mullein leaf to 1 cup of filtered (ideally distilled) water.  Boil for 3-5minutes then steep for 3-5minutes.

(always drink 1 cup of water to every cup of herbal tea)

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