Organic Astragalus Root


Potential Health Benefits include:

1. Astragalus strengthens the cells in your body.

2. Astragalus regenerates the adrenal tissues.

3. Astragalus is a superb immune builder.

4. Astragalus strengthens the bone marrow in your body.

5. Astragalus strengthens the endocrine glandular system (thymus etc)

6. Astragalus aids in shortness of breath

7. Astragalus strengthens the nervous system

8. Astragalus increases energy to cells, especially in the spleen and G.I tract (stomach in particular)

9. Astragalus strengthens prolapsed conditions e.g. uterus, intestines and bladder

10. Astragalus has mild diuretic properties

11. Astragalus helps tone the lungs

12. Astragalus helps bring tone and balance to tissues

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Astragalus is what is known as a Tonic Herb.

Tonic herbs are at he heart of health, healing and well-being.  They are the most gentle and have the lowest level of intervention. They help to restore many of the systems in the human body and help prevent the body from becoming out of balance. Astragalus is one of the top anti-aging herbs and is widely used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine

How to make your Astragalus Tea:

1 heaped tsp to 1 cup of filtered (ideally distilled) water.  Boil for 10-15minutes thn steep for 10-15minutes.

(always drink a cup of water to every cup of herbal tea)

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