About Me

My journey so far..

In 2012 I was visiting a friend at a hostel, and I met a man who changed my life forever. This person was a critical thinker, whose philosophies and ideas were nothing like I'd ever heard before.

When we met, I was experiencing bouts of anxiety mixed with depression (something I'd been battling with for many years). I felt emotionally out of control and physically drained. However, our conversations made me question my life, and I soon realised that my emotions and mood were connected to nutrition.

Up until that point in my life I was drinking fizzy drinks, alcohol, smoking cigarettes, consuming foods containing refined sugar, and eating junk food on a regular basis.

I decided to do my own research regarding a healthy lifestyle which led me to start reading many books about health and nutrition.

As my knowledge grew, I decided to put the theory into practice.

The more fruits, vegetables, and herbs I consumed, the better I started feeling. I noticed long term problems which included constantly expelling mucus from my chest along with regular stomach pains, had vanished. I also managed to overcome the frequent bouts of anxiety and depression that I had been dealing with for so long.

Shortly after reaping the rewards of this change in my lifestyle I decided to embark on a purification process and eliminate as many toxins from my body as possible.

Inspeckta Veg was born!

I now travel the country promoting a healthy lifestyle whilst seeking the best natural herbal products I can get my hands on, so we can all benefit from the minerals and nutrition nature has to offer.

Now that I have felt the many benefits of switching to a healthy lifestyle, I would like to assist you!

Contact me for private consultations- inspecktaveg@gmail.com or visit our store so we can deliver some of nature's most powerful herbs right to your door.

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