Inspeckta Veg: Exempt album on USB


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Buy my Exempt EP and Still Exempt EP + 4 bonus tracks in wav form on my personalized USB

Track Listing

  1. Sika Records call skit
  2. Exempt – prod. Alec 93
  3. Fear Mongerer feat MC Silver – prod. SoundOfSihon
  4. Bust up your TVs feat Mr Traumatik – prod. Dullah Beatz
  5. Trample – prod. Dullah Beatz
  6. Bust up your TVs remix feat Mr Traumatik – prod. Mac James
  7. Non Compliance – prod. Trooh Hippi
  8. Health is Wealth feat My Bad Sister – prod. Trooh Hippi
  9. Can’t Go Along With It – prod. Gravity
  10. Electricity feat The High Breed – prod. Pops
  11. Crash and Burn feat. The High Breed – prod. The Bee Keeper
  12. Fight For The Hens – prod. Pops
  13. No Way – prod. Half Breed
  14. This Don’t Make No Sense – prod. The Bee Keeper


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