130g Organic Kallawalla


Potential health benefits:

  1. Kallawalla is a powerful anti-oxidant
  2. Kallawalla is great for treating cases of inflammation
  3. Kallawalla is good for treating any stomach issues
  4. Kallawalla purifies the blood
  5. Kallwalla is good for the brain
  6. Kallawalla i effective at treating various skin issues such as psoriasis
  7. Kallawalla is good fr treating bladder problems
  8. Kallawalla is known for combating fatigue

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How to make your Kallawalla tea:

1 heaped tsp of Kallawalla to 1 cup of filtered (ideally distilled) water.  Boil for 3-5 minutes then steep for 3-5 minutes.


(always drink 1 cup of water to every cup of herbal tea)


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